Tour Dates

The schedule for the 2016 Vancouver to Oakland, CA- Bicycle Tour is still in the works…. Here is a preview of the dates of our Bicycle Music and Film Festivals:

May 13 & 14 Santa Cruz -S.C.A.T. Arts and Tech Fest

June 25th Bellingham, Washington -Goose Creek Farms

July 2nd– Vancouver, Canada –Vancouver Art Gallery – BikeTopia Music Festival

July 5th Salt Spring Island -Centennial Park -BikeTopia Music Festival

July 8th Victoriam, Canada –Centennial Sqaure -BikeTopia Music Festival

July 12-16 2016 – Seattle, WA

July 30 2016 – Portland, OR

August 12 2016 – Northern CA

August 25 2016 – Oakland CA

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  3. Edit says:

    Dears! I met you in Vienna, and would like to see in my hometown as well, Budapest.Where are you today? I thought you would play today somewhere downtown? If not today then do you play in the center of Budapest maybe on 16th or something? we have very good biking community, please do:-) Not only for Sziget 14-15, if possible, Sziget is too expensive for me and lots of us. Love, Edit

    • tricky coyote says:

      hellooo edit! did we miss you in budapest at r33?? sorry that we weren’t in touch sooner nor did we post our show online! we sometimes find it really hard to bike and play and still have energy for the internets. Sorry, and thanks for the love and support! -kipchoge

  4. miguel says:

    hi! I’ve heard that the Porto show will be canceled due to fact that the spanish train company cannot transport both you guys and your pizza-and-whatever-eatable-stuff–fueled-machines here. Can you confirm that? All the best for you guys and keep up the pace!

    • tricky coyote says:

      hola hola miguel, yes, with great sadness we canceled portugal portion of tour for this year. Was just too much to try to cover that distance in that time with so many bikes and stuff and people so we opted to just ride north to the coast of spain and keep it slower and simpler. abrazo

  5. SurferT says:

    No Davis on your itinerary? Seems like it would be the perfect fit.

  6. Enoc Zamora says:

    What up kid. Where are you now, how it the movie comeing allong??? Is it done, and when will it be available for viewing.??? Lots of love; One of the many drummers fot the Ginger Ninjas. Lt Enoc Zamora. P.S. I’m in Houston, designing ships and Oil Plaforms for a Naval Architect firm. Keep on pedaling……

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  8. Luis Yves says:

    Hello guys! I’m a mexican fan who got to see you last April here at the Ibero-american music festival ‘Vive Latino’; I fell in love with what you’re doing but didn’t get to buy your CD… I read on the Ginger Ninjas website that another leg of the tour would come to México once again next year… I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing you guys soon! Please post your mexican dates soon!

  9. Ju says:

    hey guys,
    I saw you in berlin since 3 years, it was amazing, i wanna know if you’re still doing this pleasant revolution. Are you still in activity?
    Keep on pedaling 😉

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