These companies have generously supported us with their products. Just as significantly, they have shown that they believe in us and what we’re doing. Please thank them for us.

The newest Sponsors to our 2016 tour :

Rock the BikeLife Without Plastics, Organic India, Pro Bar, Traditional MedicinesMonkey Electric, Kind Bars, Go Raw, Barlean’s Oil,

All Past Sponsors

Yuba Bicycles, Nutcase Helmets, USED, Astra-Lite Massage Tables, Klean Kanteen, Surly Bicycles, Keen footwear, Pepper’s Eyewear, Coleman, SRAM, Rock the Bike, Ovation Guitars, Quality Bicycle Products, Two-n-Fro, Fungi Perfecti, Clif Bar, Planet Bike, Doctor Kracker, Ergon Grips, E-BikeKit, Mother Truckers, Briar Patch, Earth Family Foods, Sushi in the Raw, Willow Springs Mystery Ranch, Wilderness Poets, Badger Sunscreen, Guayaki, Living Lands Agrarian Network, Lady Carolyn’s Medicinals, John Masters Organics, Selle An-AtomicaMirrycle, Clever Chimp, Xtracycle, Craft ClothingNorthwest River Supplies (NRS), Cordarounds, E-Bike Store,  Hara Body Care, MMono Instrument Cases, Advika Clothing, Maloja Clothing, Selle Royal, Monkeylectric, Brunton, Life Without Plastics and the United States Embassies in Berlin, Budapest, and London

Yuba Bicycles: Yuba Cargo Bicycles sponsored our tour with three Mundo cargo bicycles.  They have proven invaluable on our tour. These bikes can carry 200 kilograms (440 pounds!) Louis Alexander has carried all his gear, one of our PA speakers, and a passenger on his Mundo. They are extremely rugged and well built and they’ve held up really well.

Yuba also allowed us to raffle off one of their bicycles at our shows during our whole tour. We sell the tickets for 2€ each or 6 for 10€ or 15 for 20€. One lucky winner will have a brand new Yuba Mundo shipped to their door. This has been an invaluable source of income for us to feed ourselves while on tour.

Nutcase Helmets are the coolest helmets on the market. No more looking like a squid speed racing full spandex body suit bicycle nerd. Nutcase Helmets are super comfortable, breatheable, and look cool. They have tons of neat designs and also sell solid color helmets that you can customize to your hearts content with your own artwork. They can be used for skateboarding, in line skating and bicycling. They’re also great for doing breakdancing head spins!
USED is based in Quackenbruk, Germany and they helped us out by organizing the Artland Bicycle Music Festival, getting us into the Munich Bike Expo, and also hooked us up with parts and a shop to work in to repair our bicycles. Bob Giddeons is a great guy and is helping to spread cargo bicycles throughout Europe. He’s a distributor for Yuba and Xtracycle.
Astra-Lite Massage Tables sponsored our tour with their top of the line ultralight folding massage table. Our tour masseuse Giulia Sbernini has been hauling it around on her Xtracycle and helping keep our bodies in tip top shape for riding and playing music. It weighs in at a mere 19.75 pounds.
Klean Kanteen has enabled us to ditch plastic disposable water bottles. We’ve been filling up our Klean Kanteens everywhere we go and the tap water in just about every place we’ve been in Europe has tasted great. Plastic water bottles are a big problem for the world and the commodification of water is insane. Klean Kanteens help bring a little sanity and sustainability to our most basic need to stay hydrated while riding long distances hauling heavy loads.
Surly Bicycles was the first bicycle manufacturer to utilize Xtracycle’s open source long tail technology. They gave us a discount on their amazing Big Dummy cargo bicycles and also some other goodies like wool socks, straps, and clothing. Definitely the top of the line cargo bicycle.
Keen footwear gave the Pleasant Revolution a ton of shoes. From cycling sandals with clips for clip in pedals to flip flops to stylish shoes they’ve got it all. Their shoes are lightweight and durable. Mike the Mechanic likes his sandals for walking in rivers over rocks. Bobba loved his clip in cycling shoes. Joey likes his dressy slip on leather shoes. Keen’s got something for everyone and their shoes are reasonably priced too. Check ’em out.
Pepper’s Eyewear makes a whole range of sunglasses. When you’re out riding on the road in full sun, it’s great to be able to slip on a pair of comfortable light sunglasses. They come in handy travel cases and Pepper’s has got so many styles to choose from. It was great fun picking out a pair to represent all of our unique personalities. Heather’s got some really sexy large white sunglasses.
Coleman has been a household name for camping supplies for a long time. They helped us out with some sweet camping gear like our camp caddy food box which doubles as a cutting board as well as our compressible water jugs that we fill up before we go camping. Thanks Coleman!
SRAM helps keep our bicycles running smoothly for miles and miles and kilometers and kilometers. They make and distribute just about every bicycle component you can imagine and they make high quality stuff. They hooked us up with tons of chains, shifters, disc brakes, etc.
Rock the Bike is a company based out of San Francisco, CA, USA and specializes in bicycle powered sound systems. Paul Freedman is the co-founder of the San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival and the man behind Rock the Bike. He also invented the Down Low Glow safety light for night riding. Not only do they keep us safe while riding at night, we also use them as stage lighting when we’re playing at night on our pedal powered sound system.
Ovation Guitars make great guitars for traveling and rocking out. Their round back plastic guitars not only sound great, they’re super durable and travel worthy.
Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) is another bicycle parts company that helps us keep our bicycle running smooth. They are kind of behind the scenes, but many components you buy in a bike shop are made by QBP.
Two-n-Fro is based in London and makes the coolest bicycle gear around. They make stylish dual purpose cycling/casual clothing with reflective material integrated into the design. Reversible jackets, cycling trousers, caps, etc.
Fungi Perfecti makes a whole line of supplements based on the healing properties of mushrooms. We got a lot of their wellness formula sponsored to us to help us fight off colds while traveling. They really work!
Clif Bar has some of the best tasting and nutritious energy bars available. They use a lot of organic ingredients and have provided a lot of nutritional support for our tour.
Planet Bike gave us a whole bunch of rear blinky lights and front lights for our bikes. They work really well and are reasonably priced too. If you need lights for your bike, look for Planet Bike lights!
Doctor Kracker makes healthy gourmet organic crackers. They’re the perfect traveling food because they keep for a long time, taste great and can be eaten on their own or combined with various topping for a satisfying snack while we’re out on the road.
Ergon Grips are the best grips on the market. They let you rest the whole palm of your hand on the handlebars and just plain feel good. All the serious bike touring people have them.

E-BikeKit helped us with our lithium ion battery that we use for soul cycling and Live on Bike performances. They are a great resource to check out if you are interested in electric bicycles too.

Mother Truckers is located in North San Juan, CA and they helped us out with all kinds of dank organic traveling foods. If you’re in Yuba county stop by and say hi!

Briar Patch is located in Grass Valley, CA. They also supported us with great traveling foods to start our expedition. If you’re in the area, stop by and say hi!

Earth Family Foods is a family run, family owned business offering high quality organic foods with a healthy respect for the environment too. They are based in North Carolina.

Sushi in the Raw is a great sushi restaurant in Nevada City, CA which made a generous contribution of food to the Pleasant Revolution.

Willow Springs Mystery Ranch was the departure headquarters for the Pleasant Revolution Tour. It is located in North San Juan, CA and offers yoga, tai chi, and karate classes and is an eco-community. Thanks Jeff!

Wilderness Poets donated a huge amount of raw hemp butter to keep us loaded up on essential fatty acids.

Life without Plastics provided us with awesome reusable, plastic free, metal canisters with lids for our meals!!

Badger Sunscreen helps us prevent sunburn while we’re out riding in the sun all day. Badger also makes tons of awesome organic and natural body care products.

Guayaki gave us as much yerba mate as we could carry as well as bombilla straws and mate gourds. Mate is an amazing south american tea. It is full of good stuff and makes a great coffee alternative.

Living Lands Agrarian Network helped us organize our pre-departure meals in Nevada City, CA.

Lady Carolyn’s Medicinals gave us an amazing amount of botanical body balm which has been great for sore muscles and butt rash. We were also given amazing essential oil perfume bottles to help enhance our all day riding body oder.

John Masters Organics gave the Pleasant Revolution crew the best in organic hair care products so we can get clean and wash out all that road grit from our hair.

Selle An-Atomica seats are some of the best saddles in the cycling world. They are scientifically designed for all day riding and also for racing.

Life Without Plastic outfitted the Pleasant Revolution crew with great stainless steel food containers made by Sanctus Mundo.

Mirrycle makes bicycle mirrors and the incredi-bell. We use these to stay safe and alert pedestrians and other cyclists that we’re about to mob up on them. These bells are really loud and really useful.

Clever Chimp and Clevercycles helped us out with a StokeMonkey electric assist motor which we mostly use by pedaling a stationary bicycle backwards to make electricity for our pedal powered sound system. They have tons of awesome info about cargo bikes, electric assists, etc. They are based in Portland, OR.

Xtracycle Kipchoge Spencer (the Pleasant Revolution’s subcomandante/expedition leader) co-founded Xtracycle with Ross Evans in 1998. Its free radical conversion kit allows any bicycle to be converted into a cargo bicycle. “There’s a new culture coming…and it’s coming on a bike.” from the Ginger Ninja’s song “Secret Ingredient.”

Craft Clothing gave the Pleasant Revolution a bunch of cycling shorts so our asses would be protected from long days in the saddle. We met them at the Munich Bike Expo.

Northwest River Supplies (NRS) helped us out with a discount on the purchase of a lot of dry bags to hold all our stuff and keep our clothes, sleeping bags, electronics, etc dry in the rain and they’ve been invaluable for this purpose. We use their medium size expedition dri-duffel bags. They’re easier to use than the top loading kind of dry bag and they keep your stuff dry.

Cordarounds gave Kipchoge some really nice looking pants so he can be stylishly dressed while romping around the world on a bike. (That’s not him in the pic! I think it might be Al Gore’s brother.)

E-Bike Store helped out the Pleasant Revolution with batteries for our soul cycle mobile sound system which has entertained thousands as we’ve toured through Europe.

Mono Instrument Cases sponsored the tour with waterproof rugged instrument cases for electric guitars and basses. They make a whole variety of really bomb cases for music professionals.

Advika Clothing is hand crafted by Jamie Brock in Montreal, Canada. Made of soy, bamboo, hemp, and organic cottons, they keep the ladies on the Pleasant Revolution stylishly dressed while on tour.

Maloja Clothing sponsored the tour with cycling shorts, hats, belts, jackets and other clothing accessories. We met them at the Munich Bike Expo. They’ve got some really nice looking stuff.

Selle Royal hooked us up with 15 really plush leather saddles. Their respiro series has cool air vents and really keep your touche cool. They are very firm and great for long distance touring. We met Matteo at the Munich Bike Expo. Thanks Matteo!

Monkeylectric gave us four wheel lights which we have put on our generator bikes for a lightshow during our shows at night. They make some really sophisticated light bling.

Brunton really hooked us up on the first tour from California to Mexico. They gave us headlamps, solar panels, camp stoves, and many more goodies. We’re still using the stove three years later.

The United States Embassies in several European cities generously supported us with donations to our non-profit umbrella organization, the International Bicycle Fund. This support made possible a bicycle music festival in Berlin, appearances at the Sziget Festival in Budapest, and several events in Plymouth, Bristol, and Southampton, England. Thanks Uncle Sam!

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  1. Lichtenauer says:

    nice to see you here in passau at aquarium yesterday, i am looking forward to hear you at ludwigsplatz at 13 … i am together with musicians to cover some music for a party 10 km away from passau, so i have only time until 13.30…. but i want to see you….

    have a nice time here in passau….


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