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Welcome Home! Show at Barbes Nov 18th 2010 @ 10 pm

After six months touring Europe by bicycle, The Pleasant Revolution has one last show in New York City. Prepare for pedal powered awesomeness! Nov 18th 2010 @ 10 pm @ Barbes 376 9th St. (corner of 6th Ave.) Park Slope, Brooklyn … Continue reading

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Interview in French from Toulouse

Pleasant Revolution story starts at about 8 minutes. En français…

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Pleasant Revolution Index July 26–Aug 24

(30 days) Route: Munich to Wasserburg to Passau (along Inn River) to Linz, Austria (along Danube) to Vienna to Budapest (along Danube) to Lake Balaton, Hungary to Ljubljana, Slovenia Miles traveled: 860 mi (1380 km) Traveling days: 17 Average daily … Continue reading

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Tall bikin’ again

If the point of the Pleasant Revolution is to spread joy through music and bicycles, then surely no vehicle accomplishes the job quite like a tall bike with tunes on it. Tall bikes break down the cynical fences and defenses … Continue reading

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Golden Ticket from the Embassy

When planning this tour, we thought it’d be a good idea to contact US embassies to see if they’d support bicycle music festivals. We’ve always been proud to represent an alternative idea of what America is about, and hoped some … Continue reading

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If Bob wrote for us you’d know what’s going on around here

Bob Giddens, musician, bicycle entrepreneur, visionary, and organizer of the first bicycle music festival in Germany, did a really great writeup of the event. Reading it makes me a bit embarrassed that we don’t do a better job letting everyone … Continue reading

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Come Raise the Roof at Bike Expo Munich

It’s great to play for people who love bikes, not just because they’re more likely to be into what we’re doing, but because they seem more likely to join the bicycle music mayhem and help grow the community. And just … Continue reading

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Artland BMF Photos

group1 Originally uploaded by bobgiddens Our 5-star host Mr. Bob Giddens also took some photos, or at least uploaded some, from this past weekend.

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Willkommen an alle die uns heute im NDR3 gesehen haben

Here’s the tv report from the day, evidently seen by 3 million people, though we still haven’t been chased down in the street… Artland Bicycle Festival 2010 – Quakenbrueck, Germany from used_hq on Vimeo. Wir hatten einen fantastisches Bicycle Music … Continue reading

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Not so naked in Brighton

Banned Anna Originally uploaded by Scott Vincent Despite missing our fund raising goal for creating a Live! on Bike system, we have put together a really killer unit, thanks in no small part to Yuba’s awesome support of our tour. … Continue reading

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