Tours, upcoming and past

2016 – Vancouver B.C. to San Francisco, California 

Musicians/Bands: Bicicletas por la paz, Heather Normandale and Kristina Bennett

2014 – Hawaii


2011 – Victoria B.C. through North San Juan, CA

Musicians/Bands: Ginger Ninjas, StichCraft (Heather Normandale)

May–August 2011. With StitchCraft. This time we add the Wild and Scenic Film Festival to the mix, creating Bicycle Music and Film Festivals (BMFFs) all along the way. Weeeeeeeee!

2011 – San Luis Obispo to Chiapas, Mexico

2010 Europe Tour – Holland, UK, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Portugal.

Musicians/Bands: Ginger Ninjas

Our tour will pass through the UK, Holland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Portugal, and and everywhere in between. We are on a mission to lighten up the view of a sustainable lifestyle – from one of sacrifice and restriction to one of abundant health, happiness, and a deeper sense of connectedness: thus, it is the Pleasant Revolution.

The Pleasant Revolution is an ongoing world tour that began in 2007 and ends in?

The Ginger Ninjas, guest bands, and crew travel by bicycle, primarily, carrying all their equipment on their own bikes, unsupported by automobile. Occasionally, we make use of buses and boats and hitchhikes, though no planes so far.

2009 – Cascadia and Burning Man, North America

August and September 2009, Millie from North San Juan to Eugene, OR for Bicycle Music Festival, Millie to Portland for BMF, ride to Seattle for BMF, ride to Vancouver BC for BMF, Amtrak to Portland, Millie to Burning Man for BMF. This tour marked the first time we invited several acts on the road with us. It was also the first time we attempted to organize bicycle music festivals along the route. The transition to this style of tour enables us to more effectively work with local rowdies, bands, activists, NGOs, and media to create a lasting demand and capacity for creating bicycle music events. The band: Kipchoge, Jared, Terry Miller on drums, Michael Logue on lead guitar. Other acts: Bear Dyken, StitchCraft (Heather Normandale), little j, Grace Totherow, Cello Joe.

2009 – European Bicycle Music Festivals

2009 – Mexico to Panama Guatemala

January 10 to April 29, 2009, ride from North San Juan, CA to Sacramento, CA, bus to Guadalajara, Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Cholula, Oaxaca, and San Cristobal de las Casas, bike to Panama, return by bus. We made it as far as Antigua, Guatemala before an illness in the family forced us to return home. The band: Kipchoge, Jared, Dave Scandurra on drums, Cory on lead guitar. Crew: Laughter, Josh, Matt, Andrea. We’ll continue this tour in 2010 the future!Originally planned for June 1 to October 25, 2009, postponed. May 2010–November 2010. Amtrak to New York, Queen Mary 2 to Southampton England. England, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, France, Spain. Co-created bicycle music festivals in more than 10 cities throughout Europe over the Summer and Fall. The band: Kipchoge, Buck Meek on bass (first half), Joachim Brunson on drums (first half), Thomas Spellman on lead-guitar, Jared on bass (second half), Brock on drums (second half), Louis Gasper on trumpet, Ed Montgomery on sax, Jessie Montgomery on violin, Cello Joe on cello. Lots of guests. Other acts: Cello Joe, StitchCraft, the Genie, Amanda Mora, Fossil Fool, Justin Ancheta. Some fun facts about this leg.

2008 -East Coast USA

August 15 to October 8, 2008, Millie the veggie oil bus from Oregon to Northern California to Denver for the Democratic National Convention, Amtrak to New York City, bicycle around New York and New England playing colleges, boarding schools, health food store parking lots, punk basements, and bike advocacy events. Part of band returns west via Amtrak. Part of band quits. Part of band stays in Florida home for vacation. The band: Kipchoge, Jared, Brock, Eco. The guest: Crystal Stafford.

2007 & 2008 -Northern California to South Mexico

November 1, 2007 to May 25, 2008, biked from North San Juan, CA to Palenque, Chiapas, México, returned primarily on bus with some stretches of biking and hitchhiking. Played 100 shows, in plazas, bike shops, schools, and seasides, all but one of which were human powered on the band’s bicycle generator system. Guest bands/acts (who traveled on some portion of the tour) include: Shake Your Peace!,Cello Joe, Fossil Fool, Tobin, StitchCraft, Somer Moon, Bear Dyken. Ginger Ninjas on the tour (in order of appearance): Kipchoge, Eco, Jessie, Enoc, Curtis, Cello Joe, Brock, Jared (and disappearance) Enoc, Curtis, Jessie, Cello Joe. The tour started with 15 members, had as many as 19 riding through Mexico on a given day, and averaged about 10. Around 40 people participated in some leg or other. An album called “the Pleasant Revolution Sampler” was put out before the tour, and a live album as well as a film are upcoming.

2007 – California, Mexico, and Guatemala 

A 5000 mile musical road show, by bicycle. On Halloween 2007, The Ginger Ninjas, and guest SHAKE YOUR PEACE!, launched the epic “Pleasant Revolution Bicycle Music Tour” from N. San Juan, California, heading 5000 miles down to the southern end of Mexico. There are no sag-wagons nor buses hauling our gear. Everything, including the 1000 Watt human-powered PA System, is hauled entirely on bicycle. The tour comes in the wake of the excitement at the first ever Bicycle Music Festival, Aug. 11, 2007, which announced the emerging bicycle-music movement to the world like a piano dropped from a 24th floor window announces itself to a San Francisco sidewalk: with life-altering momentum, filled with melodies, and destroying the oft-trod roads of old.

Music and bicycles – universal symbols of humility, openness and connection, elements of our common humanity and paragons of low-tech sustainability-become vehicles for seeing the world at human speed.

From the Sierra Nevada through the suburban wastelands and urban decay of southern California, over the world’s busiest border crossing, across the wilderness and austere beauty of Baja, into the heart of megapolitan Mexico City, and down to the land of mystic pyramids, the team will play shows, record music with local musicians, and advocate for a leapfrog-style transition to sustainable transportation.

The team comes with the message that bikes are an essential and beautiful part of a sustainable transportation system and that Mexico still has the opportunity to skip US-style development and our suburbanized cult of the car.

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  6. Lindsay Keenan says:

    Hi there
    I love the sound of what you are doing. Im trying to get some cycle campaigning with a difference happening in Glasgow / Scotland for all of the types of reasons you mention on your web page. I have spent most of my adult life campaigning on environmental issues. Usually campaigning against bad things and now I am making a change to be much more focussed on campaigning for good things and cycling is one of the main things I will be working on. So, eh, if youwant to bring the tour to Glasgow sometime then you will get a good welcome.
    all the best with what your doing

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  8. Kim Nguyen says:

    Hi Pleasant Revolutionaries,

    I am blown away by what you are doing. It’s incredible, completely fantastic, exciting and inspirational.

    I hope that what you are doing can lead on to many others following suit in whatever ways they can, sustainable art and creativity heralding sustainable human society and life on this planet.

    Congratulations on this initiative, I will try to spread the word as much as possible. We should definitely work together. Later this year, on 27th and 28th Nov, two international events are taking place, Ride Planet Earth and the Zero Carbon World Concert. Let’s get you Revolutionaries and your music involved.

    I’ll email you the details. Best of the luck for the rest of the tour. Hopefully I can catch up with you somewhere along the way.



  9. Renaud says:

    Hello all @ pleasant revolution,
    We hope to welcome you in Brussels.

    We had in Sept 2010 a pleasant critical mass in Brussels with a mobile concert on bicycles. Ten musicians on tandems and cargo bikes played balkan music during the ride.

    (Links to Pictures and film at the end of the page)

    • Niyna says:

      Well Leslie, for my one piece of advice about bilcyce touring, I would have to say that the stuff I talk about in this video might just be the most important Also, I think that the mental aspects of bilcyce touring are something that many people forget about. This is why my book, focuses so much on the mental aspects of bike touring because I feel it is important that you know not only what to pack, how to plan out a route, and how to prepare your body but also how to prepare your mind for the demands of life on the road.

  10. CBMurry says:

    I am a cycling musician and I live in the virgin islands.I like what you are doing and would like to help with music and a bicycle good on ya.

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