Yuba River 10th Anniversary Tour and Family Reunion 2017


Keeping the Rubber on the Road

We’re oiling chains and testing cables once again!

Today, Pleasant Revolution stalwarts, Los Ginger Ninjas, Bear Dyken, Obo Martin, Cello Joe and Somer Moon gather with buddies old and new to ride to the river and begin a new adventure.

We’re loading guitars, drums, and a Rock the Bike pedal powered sound system on our cargo bikes and riding east through the Yuba River Watershed, performing at local venues and campgrounds.  

Schedule – (Also check out tour details on Facebook invite)

9/30 Shrimpfest* Private, 4pm-10pm

10/1 Willow Springs Mystery Ranch Community Potluck BBQ, 6pm

10/2 Indian Valley Campground

10/3 St. Charles Place, Downieville* 7pm

10/4 Wild Plum Campground

10/5 Sierra Hot Springs

10/6 Alibi Ale Works, Truckee 7:30pm*

10/7 Live Music Bike Parade, meet at beginning of Legacy Trail, Glenshire, 3pm*

10/7 Alibi Ale Works, Truckee 7:30pm*

10/8 Donner Summit

10/9 Pioneer Trail to Nevada City

10/10 Dinner and Slideshow for Riders

LiveOnBike mobile stage rolls through Truckee: Artists and bands perform while rolling down the city streets mounted on the backs of cargo bikes and bike trailers outfitted with microphones and amplifiers. The sound is wirelessly routed to “soulcycle” party bikes interspersed throughout the crowd, surrounding the crowd with sound. Saturday afternoon, October 7th.


Most of these bands have bike toured in alongside the Ginger Ninjas.

Clan Dyken

Obo Martin

Cello Joe

Heather Normandale

Somer Moon

Fossil Fool

Bicycle Powered Electricity

The Ginger Ninjas’ mobile human-power stage, made by Fossil Fool and friends at Rock the Bike, is the first of its kind in history. Coupling super efficient digital amplifiers, lightweight components, and generators attached to working bicycles (as opposed to purpose-built stationary bikes), the system allows a band to play off-grid anywhere, wall outlet or no, and to also carry the system to a gig on the same bicycles (Xtracycle and Yuba cargo bikes). This enables a new kind of completely self-sufficient bicycle touring, sans automobile support. On the band’s most recent tour, the system and touring style enabled them to avoid generating close to 60,000 pounds of CO2, or 95% of what a similar sized band creates in a similar tour.

This tour is a little unique because we’re inviting lots of friends to come along (including you!) and spending as much time camping and enjoying the scenery as hitting the towns for gigs. It’s also unique because it’s the first time we done a local bike tour in all these years of globetrotting! Yippee for the Yuba!

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