Gearing up in the New Year! … Pleasant Revolution 2011 collaborates with Wild and Scenic Film Festival

The gears are turning and they are turning out something very spectacular and innovative for this year’s Pleasant Revolution Tour. We are teaming up with Yuba River Valley’s Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival – which takes it’s name from the celebrated declaration of the Yuba River as a protected wild and scenic river, a status that protects the free-flowing condition and upholds high standards for water quality when established as  a remarkable scenic, recreational, geologic, fish and wildlife, historic, and/or cultural value. Wild & Scenic and SYRCL’s initiatives are to recover California’s wild salmon and to protect and restore the Yuba River.

Bringing the Wild and Scenic Film Festival On Tour with the Pleasant Revolution will serve to broaden the regional platform for local environmental advocacy and allow for teams of like minded people to become more involved and aware of the diversity of environmental projects taking place.  The bike route will stretch from Vancouver to Mexico, much of which is considered Salmon Country – areas of rivers in need of protection to save the remaining population of salmon endangered by the damming and pollution of important water systems.

During the months of May through November we will be hosting from 15 to 20 Bicycle Music and Film Festivals and showing a variety of different environmental films at each stop. Are you one of those people who can’t sit through a movie? Well, you will be the perfect volunteer pedal-powerer for the bike-in movies and pedal-powered film projector we will be premiering.  Maybe Rock the Bike will surprise us with a pedal-powered popcorn maker to go along with those delicious smoothies!! Expect to taste the work of a finely bike-blended smoothie on this year’s tour!

More tour info to come!! Be sure to check out the magic of last year’s Pleasant Revolution 2010 European Tour… and please be in touch if you want to bring the magic to your town.

A documentary by Jonathan Grevsan

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Cool article about Europe tour posted by one of our sponsors – YUBA bikes

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  1. israel (Izzy)Rosenzweig says:

    Would love to organize a bicycle powered musical event in Boca Raton Fl or in Delray Beach Fl in south florida. any suggestions. There is a great biking community and music community down here!

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