Welcome Home! Show at Barbes Nov 18th 2010 @ 10 pm

After six months touring Europe by bicycle, The Pleasant Revolution has one last show in New York City. Prepare for pedal powered awesomeness!

Nov 18th 2010 @ 10 pm @ Barbes

376 9th St. (corner of 6th Ave.)

Park Slope, Brooklyn 347 422 0248

10 pm


60 person capacity so arrive early!
plsnt rev
Featuring: The Ginger Ninjas, Amanda Mora Jones, StitchCraft, CelloJoe and The Genie

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2 Responses to Welcome Home! Show at Barbes Nov 18th 2010 @ 10 pm

  1. noel mcdermott says:

    Oh no, you left us bereft in Europe, come back soon we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. DEAN M BOYD says:

    Dear Great Friends:

    We miss you lots with the short time that we have known you:
    Its like gaining a new family !
    We think of you everytime when we see bikes in London its great to have catch some of you in Bristol that Sunday before you left For Southampton On Wednesday November/ 10th/ 2010.
    Just in the meantime :
    Please review some short YOUTUBE I have put together to remind you of Brighton Beach and Surrey Docks Farm In London.Thanks to Kip chogie it was simple: I Will put more On YOU TUBE AS I have more videos on my Ipod.
    We Love to Come to United States to see you all, Need to save some money First:
    Get Well Soon Heather N.

    Myself to with my Broken Ankle of 6 1/2 Weeks
    MISS you lots !

    PS: Any of you friends with a fixed Address ????


    483 Mitcham Road
    CR0 3HR

    London, England

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