CelloJoe robbed on the beach in Calella, Spain

Well, I was robbed on the beach in Calella, Spain on the the Costa Brava.

I’m now the fourth revolutionary to have their stuff stolen from them. The thief got my ipod, my cell phone, and my camera.

I had them in them in my pants rolled up right next to me. I found my pants fifty feet from me. It was a nice thief because he just took the money out of my wallet and at least they left me with my cards, my wallet (empty of money) and my pants. They didn’t get my computer thankfully or my passport. If I had only kept my valuables in my sleeping bag with me! I feel especially stupid because I told Louis to keep his valuables in his sleeping bag when his passport and money were stolen. I feel like I’ve lost some trust in humanity and I’m pretty upset, but mostly I’m upset with myself for not being more street-wise or beach-wise as the case may be.

I feel pretty unlucky because Thomas had his iPhone right on his handlebars and they didn’t get that.

At least I made someone’s day today. And I have a few less things to carry around. Lightening the load is a good thing I guess.


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5 Responses to CelloJoe robbed on the beach in Calella, Spain

  1. Noel says:

    I love you still Joey!!!! Noel

  2. Justin says:

    Lo Siento mi amigo. I was 10 feet away. If I saw them we could have had some fun with the matter… I am at 57 atlantida which is where Paul and I stayed before joining you all. Ed is here with me… doing computers. cheers and see you soon.

  3. Kai Jokela says:

    Don’t sleep on beaches. Even if you were never robbed on beach before, it’s only matter of time when you get unlucky. I guess you have to balance between sleeping in beautifull scenery or being paranoid guerrilla and sleeping in bushes. I even bought a small motion sensor alarm but I felt embarrased of it and never used it.

  4. Miquel says:

    This is Spain. Encara que alguns no ho volguem.
    S’ha d’anar amb molt de compte en aquests temps que corren. Hi ha molta gent que ho està passant molt malament, han perdut tota mena de pudor i de perjudicis i es busquen la vida com poden sense preocupar-se del mal que et puguin fer.
    Ànims i a seguir.
    Estai still in Lleida?
    When and where do you play?

  5. Hi Joe – it seems that you have to be very careful in Spain. I was in Madrid last year, entered the subway at the airport, and when I got out downtown Madrid, someone had taken my wallet out of my pants. So I was there without money and identity. Not brave enough to start a new life, though… 🙂 All the best, and hopefully we meet again in the Artland…Heinz

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