Pleasant Revolution Index July 26–Aug 24

(30 days)

Route: Munich to Wasserburg to Passau (along Inn River) to Linz, Austria (along Danube) to Vienna to Budapest (along Danube) to Lake Balaton, Hungary to Ljubljana, Slovenia

Miles traveled: 860 mi (1380 km)

Traveling days: 17

Average daily pedaling distance: 41 mi (66 km)

Average speed: 8.6 mph  (14 km/h)

Average travel time/day: 9 hours

Average saddle time/day: 5 hours

Longest travel day: 12 hours

Most saddle time in a day: 6 hours 45 min

Terrain: mostly flat, tending downhill along flat river shores, couple days of mild hilliness, one multi-hour climb and descent on a “shortcut” over the mountain to Budapest from Estergom

Biggest mechanical: (tie) broken frame, blown speaker

Flats: not many (thanks to awesome Schwalbe Big Apple tires and clean Euro-pavement)

New friends who joined for multiple days: 7

Their nationalities: Czech, Austrian, German

Average group size in cities: 16

Average group size on rides: 12

Train journeys: 2, totaling 120 mi (200 km)

Trucks, cars, buses, taxis, subways: 0

Pedal power shows: 14

Large stage shows: 2

Live! On Bike rides: 2

Days we performed amplified music: 10

Shows arranged more than 1 month in advance: 6

Shows arranged less than a week in advance or not at all: 10

Rehearsals: 1

Bands other than our five that played through our pedal powered system: 8

Bicycle Music Festivals: 1 (Vienna)

Collaborating organizations: Vienna Bike Kitchen, Velosophie Magazine (Vienna), US Embassy (Budapest), Verkehrsclub Deutschland (Passau), Passau Green Party, Vienna Critical Mass, ROG (Ljubljana), Siofok Festival, Velo M, R33, Sziget Festival, Heavy Pedals Cargo Messengers

Income from major festivals and planned gigs: 50%

Income from selling t-shirts: 5%

Income from selling stickers, patches and buttons: almost zero

Income from CDs: 30%

Income from passing the hat: 15%

Riding on separated bike paths or nearly empty shared roads: 50%

Riding on bike lanes on roadways: 30%

Riding with traffic: 20%

Burliest rider: Louis, carrying 2 speakers, trumpet, electric engineer parts box, Pebbles the dog, guitar, flute, some stuff at the bottom of his bag that he forgot he had, and all personal gear while riding faster than everyone else in a higher gear

Louis Gaspar’s loaded Yuba Mundo cargo bike: 240 lbs (est), 110 kg

Nights guerilla camping: 15

Nights sanctioned camping: 3

Nights in houses of friends met that day: 1

Nights in houses of our friends’ parents: 2

Nights in new friends’ houses arranged ahead of time: 8

Nights in hotels: 1

Nights we paid for lodging or camping: 0

Best camping spot: huge hidden forested beach along Danube with endless firewood and added excitement of upstream dam opening its floodgates and slowly filling beach as we packed up

Worst camping spot: (tie) 120 dB Sziget festival mudpit behind US Embassy Tent, empty lot in Siofok that smelled like the taste of cheap perfume mixed with cat poo fertilizer next door to a dog that barked continuously at us from 6:30–7:15am and the dog’s owner widower who scowled and growled at us contemporaneously until we packed and left

Best Lodging: Gerfried and Christina’s bed and breakfast art house with piano, laundry, bath, translation services, wireless, free telephone, fax, and—it seemed like—room service.

Meals in restaurants: 4

Meals cooked for group of 16 on our one-burner stove: 30

Pounds of meat and bread consumed: much more than desired

Best meal gleaned from a farmer’s harvested field: potato salad

Predominant picking fruits: apples, pears, plums

Predominant buying fruits: peaches, watermellon

Average food expenditure: $7/person/day

Increase in chocolate consumption between tour and home: 1000%

All data applies to primary traveling group. On most days of the period (and of the tour so far) at least some (and at times more than half) members have chosen alternative itineraries due to illness, injury, personal needs, or traveling ahead to organize events. Distance and speed data taken from Kipchoge’s cycle computer. All listed percentages are estimates. If there’s some particular stat you’re dying to know, drop a comment.

Photos, except the blurry one of Louis, by Andrej Kostic, a dude who happened to pass by Prague BMF, snapped some photos, had no idea who we were and found us from the Ginger Ninjas sticker on the kick drum in the photo.

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