If Bob wrote for us you’d know what’s going on around here

Bob gets a California hug lesson

Bob Giddens, musician, bicycle entrepreneur, visionary, and organizer of the first bicycle music festival in Germany, did a really great writeup of the event. Reading it makes me a bit embarrassed that we don’t do a better job letting everyone know what’s actually going on on this tour. Ahh, one of many things to improve upon. In the meantime, here’s what Bob has to say:

Artland BMF 2010
– A day in the life of a BMF organiser!

Up at 7:00 – theres a bike mechanic sleeping on the floor of my office. He worked through the night getting the bikes top-fit. Who knows when the next workshop will be available? Most bands on tour have a guitar roadie – the Pleasant Revolution tour has Mike Cobb the bike mechanic. We have coffee together, take a critical look at the weather and i deal with the 15 calls on my iPhone waiting for answers. It’s mainly press. The big German TV station NDR is due at 9:00 and the plan is to go and collect the band…(more)

See you in Berlin this weekend!

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