Fusion Festival, Lars Germany

Although this is a belated post, it was a weekend of fantastic splendor the Pleasant Revolution would like to reflect on. We left Butzaw Germany on a beautiful bike trail towards Lars, Germany, where we were scheduled to play at Fusion Festival. Our five day stop at this festival gave us great insight into the inspiring and gentle lives of a young German culture. We were pleased to play on many different stages set up outside under artfully constructed tents, grass covered airplane hangers, and on the grounds where we set up the pedal powered show.

One particular performance by the lake encouraged some of our exhibitionist members to play naked during the show.

After spending 5 days of simultaneous bliss and exhaustion in this post-apocalyptic party village, we rode off to the Czech Republic, where we would embark on a new journey at Rock For People….stand by for the next story.

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