Bicycle Music Festival, Prague

“Prague is known for its beauty” I would very much agree with that. It is an artist’s dream and breeding ground for inspiration. Heather and I came to Prague early to accomplish as much computer work as possible, but ran into so many brick walls that we were forced to wait for a better opportunity to publish what has been documented and keep up with our organizers. The weekend turned out to coalesce into a series of magical events.

Ginger Ninjas play under a bridge by the river (awesome castle to the left, not pictured) This BMF was made possible by our lovely friends and hosts at Automat.

Gulia rides through prague, following our Soul Cycle
Soul Cycle (def. When one rides with a kickin’ sound system on the back of their bike that transmits a radio signal to other kickin speakers on bikes traveling with the pod. Dance and ride.)

Joey indulges Prague radio about our upcoming BMF, missions and funny stories.

Troja, a huge sculpture that functions as a coffee shop and art gallery. This was a really cool spot to play in our last night in Prague.

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