Munich Bike Expo and Trade Show July 22nd – 25th

Munich Bicycle Expo and Trade Show !!!

July 22nd – 25th

It’s great to play for people who love bikes, not just because they’re more likely to be into what we’re doing, but because they seem more likely to join the bicycle music mayhem and help grow the community.

And just because people like riding bikes doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily exploring the ins and outs of bike culture. We like to think that bike “culture” is what gets non-riders, especially kids, more excited about riding, and becoming lifetime devotees.

So going to play a bunch of sets at a big bike show feels like coming home to dinner with a new treat from across the ocean. Come hang with us at Bike Expo Munich and see all that’s new in this evolving landscape of two wheeled hardware and art. We’ve been to a lot of bike shows and hear tell that this one has a cooler edge than the rest.

All the Revolution bands will be playing multiple sets throughout the weekend.

Munich Bicycle Expo and Trade Show !!!

Friday 7pm – 9pm at Bike Expo Exhibitor Night

Saturday in the open air area (in front of food court)

12am – 1pm

2pm – 3pm

4pm – 5pm

6pm – 9pm

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