On the Road Again

We’re gearing up for our next jaunt. Starting with the DNC and RNC, then the East Coast, then Mexico, then…

(many of these dates are booked even though they say TBA, we just haven’t filled in all the details yet; but there’s still room for more shows — get in touch if you’d like to see us)

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10 Responses to On the Road Again

  1. How do we get y’all to come to Baton Rouge? You’ll be so close yet so far away when you visit Florida.

  2. GingaJake says:

    Hot damn! You are gluttons for punishment, I guess. Well, more pedal-power to ya. Jake D

  3. Simone says:

    Ive seen you in Panchan, Mexico, 12/13 april. Any chance of coming to Europe? Free minded, music loving people curious for anything new. Come to the Netherlands where people are crazy for bikes.

    Simone, the Netherlands

  4. eddie says:

    too bad you guys can’t make it down to key west. great incidendal bike scene here, everyone rides bikes, but no one talks about it…… anyhow, glad you guys are coming to florida.

  5. jeffro says:

    hey guys-
    looks like there is some old info on the itinerary from the last tour (i.e. Rudolph Steiner College and Delta of Venus in early November). may want to make some corrections….

  6. Wuaw QUE CHIDO

    F E L I C I DA D E S
    Por todas la magicas aventuras y recorridos que han logrado

    Oigan. y donde anda sergio morkin, donde esta??

  7. tricky coyote says:

    hola ameegs! don sergio esta en san cristobal, con su compu…editando la revolucion.

    besos grandes!!!

  8. tricky coyote says:

    thanks for all the love you guysles! we want to come everywhere! and maybe we will. hopefully if we don’t you can meet us halfway…yes, simone, we’re coming to europe next spring and summer, according to current astrophysical projections. looking forward to it. of couse we’ll come to the nether regions…

  9. Bibiana Mendoza says:

    hey im really happy that you guys are coming back to gdl!!!!!! see yaaa soon!!!

  10. Dave says:


    Where are you guys playing in Boston? I’d love to come out and see you with some friends!

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