The Rest of Mexico

As any who follow closely know, we´re not too good at making schedules, but when we do we usually stick to them pretty closely. Except when we have to veer. Here´s the anticipated trajectory for our way home over the next several weeks, including the towns where we´ll be playing. Drop a line if you know of good gigging in any of these spots, or in between. We arrived in Palenque yesterday, 5 months in the making.

Sunday    13-Apr    Palenque
Monday    14-Apr    Palenque
Tuesday    15-Apr    Palenque
Wednesday    16-Apr    Palenque
Thursday    17-Apr    Ocosingo
Friday    18-Apr    San Cristobal de las Casas
Saturday    19-Apr    San Cristobal de las Casas
Sunday    20-Apr    San Cristobal de las Casas
Monday    21-Apr    Autonomous Community
Tuesday    22-Apr    Autonomous Community
Wednesday    23-Apr    Autonomous Community
Thursday    24-Apr    Autonomous Community
Friday    25-Apr    San Cristobal de las Casas
Saturday    26-Apr    San Cristobal de las Casas
Sunday    27-Apr    Tuxtla
Monday    28-Apr    Salina Cruz
Wednesday    30-Apr    Puerto Angel
Thursday    1-May    Zicatella
Friday    2-May    Puerto Escondido
Saturday    3-May    Puerto Escondido
Sunday    4-May    Puerto Escondido
Monday    5-May    Puerto Escondido
Tuesday    6-May    Puerto Escondido
Friday    9-May    Acapulco
Saturday    10-May    Zihuatanejo
Sunday    11-May    Lazaro Cardenas
Monday    12-May    Playa Azul
Wednesday    14-May    Guadalajara
Thursday    15-May    Guadalajara
Friday    16-May    Guadalajara
Saturday    17-May    Guadalajara
Sunday    18-May    Guadalajara
Monday    19-May    Tequila
Wednesday    21-May    Tepic
Friday    23-May    Tijuana
Saturday    24-May    San Diego
Sunday    25-May    Los Angeles
Monday    26-May    Home

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2 Responses to The Rest of Mexico

  1. Chula says:

    Ananda and I are so stoked for you. Just had so much fun seeing your video and pics. Cant wait to see you and hear you. Crepe nights are back but not the same without our Ecco. I saw Hoku. He was excited to see shiso, his Hawaiian Girlfriend and I gave him lots of love for you. We love you! Chula y Ananda

  2. Ian Hopper says:

    Looking forward to seeing you guys at the Jun 21 Bicycle Music Festival. The Mexico trip sounds EPIC!

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