The Tire That Keeps Going

I Have Schwalbe Big Apple Tires on my bike. They where installed used before the trip. I do not know the orginal mile, but they had some wear. At the begining of the trip I got some flats, about 6. Some were from glass and made small cuts. Half way down Baja Franklin gave me a tire liner, because he was starting to worry. I have faith in the tire, positive thinking. I had about 3 more flats after the tire liner. I used this tire because of its comfort and the weight I was carrying. I really enjoyed it.

I used this tire on my Pedal Power Generator bike, on the pleasent revolotion. My Bike is a Surly 1X1 with an Xtracycle Freeradicle wieghing 15o lbs. fully loaded. 60 shows later and 3000 miles. it filely gave out, or rather I gave up it. With a tire liner the tube is still holding together. But on my way into mexico city, I was afaid of losing it on the freeway. so i switched it. This has got to be one of the best tires. Even with cut in the tire it still held together with a 150 lb. load over the dir roads of mexico. I first got the cut from glass out side Santa Cruz. I continued to ride fully loaded all the way down the coast to the tip of Baja. Then in road over the mountains of Mexico to Mexico City.

Dante and his Surly 1×1 w/PedPowerGen

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