Playing Shows With or Without Pedal Power

In Morelia we went to a club to play a gig. They have all their big sound equipment set up for us to plug in. It was a big place and the equipment looked good. So we did not use the bikes. I sat outside trying to figure out what to do with the bikes. People come to our shows to see the bikes work. How can I demonstrate that? So I just set up a bike with one amp and a microphone. I announced open mic bike thanks to Fossil Fool. People who did not go in to the big stomping show got really into the scene outside. I feel like it is the only way to really demonstrate the power of pedal power.

Now we are in Mexico City, or D.F. and went to do a show in the park for a human rights fair. It was a nice gig. Lots of real cool performers. We set up the bikes with our system. But we were told that the crowd was going to be over 1000 people. So we plugged into their system in addition to ours (ours was intended for crowds up to about 350 but has worked fine for 500). Not only did it not sound good, it did not make any sense. The pedalers did not really power the system. It is my feeling that they did not get the real effect of what it means to power a stage by bicycle.

My favorite performance was in Sayulita where we played on the beach, in front of a bonfire, in the middle of the night. Those people got the real effect. we rolled up on them on the beach, set up, started pedaling and played for them. Set within 15 min. There was no way to get power there. You would have to carry the equipment a long ways. We just rolled up with every thing on our bikes. That is the kind of performance that I think this show is geared towards.


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