The Spork of Manifestation

During our visit to the Sayulita area (north of Puerto Vallarta), we explored the “pleasant” side of the Pleasant Revolution. As in “really, really pleasant.” After a few days of rocking the Sayulita town square (after Eco used the force to sway the power-tripping bureaucrats to let us play) and a two-night set at “a Bicyclette” (we highly recommend the absinthe drink when you go), we retired to San Pancho, a sleepier beach town a little north. First, we stayed at a psychedelic, curvilinear, super-palapa architectural masterpiece straddling the cliffs above the Pacific (thanks, Natalie). Then, we cruised on our bikes (yes, we didn’t forget about that part) on over to Casa Hombre Caballo, a five-story villa with equally stupendous views of the ocean (thanks Vincent – and Gilles, as well). While the Ninjas rehearsed on the roof deck and Dante continued the endless work of maintaining the bicycle-powered generator system, Cello Joe, Tobin and Jefecito schemed to produce a zany movie project to capture the fantastical nature of the experience. All produced over a 36 hour period using whatever we happened to have at our disposal (yes, we are carrying wigs with us – thank you, Eco). We hope you enjoy the result (please pardon the inside jokes… and the, um, French):

see the movie on youtube.

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  1. jeanatee says:

    Hey you guys,
    I guess I heard about you after your last great show in Sayulita, where I live. I’ve been looking for the “technology” to make my bike power my TV – such that I can’t watch it unless I’m riding. This would be at my U.S. home where I actually have a TV – 7 months of the year I don’t have one. Can you give me any sites or advice to point me in the right direction??? I heard you’d be the guys to ask.
    Thanks, Jeana

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