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Happy Solstice!

We’re on the road from La Bufadora to some hot springs near Ensenada. Last night we ended up camping near the house where we stayed the night before. After a nice campfire with Tecate and a gibbus moon overhead illuminating … Continue reading

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Ensenada periodico

so we made it into the local Ensenada newspaper via our sweet host at the America Motel.  Please check out the link and practice some Spanish skills… this afternoon we head to La Bufadora to stay in the house … Continue reading

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Tijuana and Beyond

we made it. I love mexicans! they love us. they are happy about what we’re doing and so much more outwardly joyful and supportive. today while we were stopped on the side of the road some of the feared Federales … Continue reading

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Interview with Gabe

Gabe Dominguez of SHAKE YOUR PEACE! talks about how a bicycle music tour is different from a garden variety music tour.

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Our Human Powered Sound System

This is a short video we did for a contest called Innovate or Die that promotes human power via the bicycle cranks. We’ll be putting up more details on the system when we have a chance.

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Show Tonight in Highland Park

yo yo to all the bike peeps in LA, and especially to john silva for hosting us on the south bay cruiser ride last night. doing a show tonight at the space ark in highland park. free as per usual … Continue reading

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