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Wearing Helmets ‘more dangerous’

Another interesting piece of news in the helmet debate , from researcher Ian Walker in the U.K.: Wearing a helmet puts cyclists at risk, suggests research Bicyclists who wear protective helmets are more likely to be struck by passing vehicles, … Continue reading

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Why Are You Here and What Can You Do?

Five questions for you from author Derrick Jensen, courtesy of dropping knowlege.

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Necessity (broken leg) Mother of Invention (sidewha?)

Dave at Surly broke his leg kinda bad and pieced this little motorized marvel together: One of the best things about working for a bike company is  having the machines and scraps at hand to slap things like this together … Continue reading

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China Still Likes Bikes

You may have heard in recent years of signs that China is giving up its claim to bikingest place on Earth.  Shanghai reportedly started to ban bikes on some roads. Bike advocates everywhere cringe at the thought. Hell, thinking people … Continue reading

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