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Coverboy Ross

Our very own Mr. Evans landed on this month’s cover of Metalcraft Magazine with one of the most interesting stories about the history of Xtracycle yet penned. For years one of the biggest referrers to our Web site was the … Continue reading

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Do Rising Gas Prices Increase Cycling?

People have lately been fond of saying that rising gas prices will be good for Xtracycle business. We did in fact have a woman call last year to say she was on a Peak Oil site and it recommended buying … Continue reading

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Elongation of Rockabilly Boogie and Other 1 & 3 Speed Bikes

[photopress:Photo_042506_005.jpg,thumb,pp_empty] Here’s how to Xtracyclerize any narrow-rear-wheel (otherwise known as overlocknut dimension, or OLD) bike: 1. Spread the rear triangles of the bike until the dropouts are just wide enough to fit inside the FreeRadical’s Boss Hogs. You can have … Continue reading

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15 15 minutes is 225 minutes

If all you Xtracycle riders called the editor of your local rag to tell them about your patriotic two-wheeled, troops-supporting, car-parked, stuff-hauling, new-world-orderin’ exploits, we’d have at least 15 new cases of 15 minutes of fame like our man Mauricio … Continue reading

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Xtracycle Movie (and me) Tonight in Boulder

A few years ago, filmmaker Liz MacGregor made a little movie about Ross and my struggles trying to get Xtracycle off the ground and convince the world that bikes are still cooler than cars. It’s called Selling the Revolution, and … Continue reading

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Google Maps for Bikes

Wouldn’t it be cool if your Google Map directions told you the best way for bikes to go? Some folks in Portland at a startup called are working on just such a gizmo, and have rolled it out in … Continue reading

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Longbike and Trailer Dual it Out Down Under

Two riders went off into the Australian Outback (well, actually it’s called the Jagungal Wilderness, but dumb American me I just assume everything outdoors in Australia is probably the “outback”). One with a BOB trailer, the other with an Xtracycle. … Continue reading

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The Skinny on the Xtra Rockabilly Boogie

Some folks have been asking about the sweet ride with the red rims. Said bike is my converted Electra Rockabilly Boogie. It has a lot going for it, including being the crusiest cruiser yet to roll out of our shop. … Continue reading

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Long frame Xtracycle?

Since the beginning, we’ve known that we wanted to make a complete long-frame bike in addition to our FreeRadical attachment. We started with the attachment in part because it meant we could make one single product that meets the needs … Continue reading

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Sell Your Used Bike

I just got an email about the expanding business of this used-bike-buying company. They’ll buy your used bike, but also buy from dealers who accept bikes on trade-ins. No word on how they sell them, though ebay is a good … Continue reading

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