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Spring Equinox Show Tonight

Ginger Ninjas appear at Willow Springs (Xtracycle HQ) for special Krepelicious show. Fire dancing expected. Dueling fiddlers to shred horse hairs. The crepes begin flowing off griddle at 4pm. They are organic, and usually include some super lovely local ingredients, … Continue reading

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The World’s Best Pants

I’m a thrift store dresser through and through and believe secondhand wool to be the styliest, comfiest bargain in winter ready-to-wear fashion today. So I suprised myself a bit by getting some pants from the manufacturer instead of Sally. Damn! … Continue reading

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Around World w/o Fossil Fuels

Tim Harvey set off by Xtracycle from Vancouver Canada a couple years ago. The Ginger Ninjas rendesvoused with him and his teammate Colin in Fairbanks AK. Since then, Tim rode, slogged, and rowed to Moscow and across some oceans and … Continue reading

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New Bag for Your Xtracycle

The West Coast’s cleverest Chimp has a new piece of gear for your longride. It’s a bag for the empty pocket above the wheel and below the deck. I’ve wondered before and now I wonder again if those “truck tarps” … Continue reading

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Surely You Have Some Extra Towels

Have you ever thought that your excess homestuff would be not just needed, but URGENTLY NEEDED by someone just a UPS jaunt away? Spring is nearly upon us; no time like the present to begin the year’s decumulatory gesturing. Now … Continue reading

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Do Helmets Make Us Safer?

Every so often I get an email from an indignant surfer. “How dare you show riders without helmets??? Do realize how bad of an example you’re setting for the world?” Conventional wisdom agrees. But I don’t. And lots of … Continue reading

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Bike Rack with ‘tude

Next time you’re installing bike parking in your hood, consider making one of these.

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