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Heading to Senegal

Yo all the family out there!! How is it going in your perspective worlds? Well I am getting ready to embark on a great journey to NYC and then to Senegal! For those of you who didn’t know I am … Continue reading

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Bike for Office

It seems more and more candidates are choosing to take their campaigns to the street via Xtracycle. Ok, so, there are two that I know of, but that seems like a lot. Last fall, Craig Kelley ran for city council … Continue reading

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Everyone Deserves Bikes, Too

The Xtracycle makes three brief appearances in Spearhead’s new video, “Everyone Deserves Music.” Two of the three are in under-the-scene supporting roles. All are brief, but the vid’s cool. It’s not really coincidence, since the lead singer, Michael Franti, is … Continue reading

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Is Hunting the New Local?

My dad has been cleaning out the corners of his house lately and asked me if I wanted the 30-06. It’s the same gun I used to shoot my first deer when I was fourteen. It was the last day … Continue reading

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Is Local the New Organic?

Interesting piece about the growing murmur around OG vs. Homegrown. Organically grown die-hards have been starting to wonder if certified kiwis straight off the plane from New Zealand are really all that good for the planet.

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Keeping it Wheel

Another reason I dig Grist Mag, cool headlines like this (is that plagiarism?). It refers to the latest installment of my interview: “The most efficient kind of transportation is already being where you want to go, says Xtracycle prez Kipchoge … Continue reading

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Article in Local Paper

Our local newspaper had a nice article about what we’re up to today. And even a response from a pissed off neighbor who thinks we’re kinda lame! Hope you can make it to the film festival in question.

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Off-road Mini Review

Crazy guy down under rides with Xtracycle and BOB trailer, reflecting.

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New Biker in Town

I’ve been on the road the past few weeks, playing music and riding in New York and Portland. Since biking is my business, I know lots of biking people in lots of towns. I often have the good fortune of … Continue reading

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Interview in Grist

Grist Magazine calls its news “gloom and doom with a sense of humor,” and I’ve long thought of them as the hippest enviro site on the planet. Funny punny is often the mode. So I was stoked when they asked … Continue reading

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