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A New Rider’s Perspective

Lots of people think they might like an Xtracycle, but just haven’t got up the gumption to take the plunge. I’ve been enjoying reading about the experiences of a new rider who decided to go for it. In other tales … Continue reading

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Help Design Our T.V. Show

I’ve been asking you all to vote in our silly (i’m being kind) little reality t.v. game these last few weeks because of the prize: our own show on mtv, about whatever we want. Well, the contest show was so … Continue reading

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American Bike Movement?

One of our best (and most qualified to diagnose your transportation situation) Xtracycle dealers, the Cycologist in Ft. Collins, Colorado, recently had a chance to talk about Americans’ quickening transition from car to bike and about the role of cargo … Continue reading

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The Irony Deepens

ok, so as if it wasn’t enough to be alive and witness first hand real other people being alive, now reality t.v. has brought you the option of vegetating on the beanbag while witnessing other people being alive so you … Continue reading

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Fat as Fuel

The Xtracycle/Ginger Ninjas motor vehicle, Millie the Millennium Van, was first put on a diet of recycled fryer grease beginning in 2002. Millie is a ’74 schoolbus outfitted for bringing the show on the road, as she has been faithfully … Continue reading

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the bright side is the right side

I’m so inspired by the writings in Ode magazine. Just reading an article about ‘why optimism is your best strategy’ and reconnected with the power of great quotes. Here on out I will aim to post great quotes in some … Continue reading

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How to Talk to a Dick

If you’ve seen the tv show, you know Andy Dick likes to give everyone a hard time. For the upcoming show, i’m inviting your ideas on clever replies, in whatever spirit seems appropriate to you. Personally, i’m drawn to funny/poignant/loving/dis … Continue reading

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living on purpose

KC and I just got off the phone after a long discussion of his time in LA, the challenges, the doubts, the opportunity… it was wonderful to connect, reflect and share the challenges posed by living on purpose. Some good … Continue reading

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The Fine Art of Decumulation

Most people end up with more stuff at the end of a particular day. Many natural and cultural forces conspire to fill our lives with an abundance of things, and to keep filling, even when appearances would seem to suggest … Continue reading

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