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Episode #3 of The Reality Show

First canning. 10:30 EST on Mtv

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Sold My Car

Years ago I thought of an idea for a new Xtracycle sticker: “God, grant me the courage to sell my car.” I stuck it on the back of my Subaru. Courage came in waves, but never seemed to cross the … Continue reading

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Where to Buy Books

While we’re on the subject of book buying….before I joined Ross to launch Xtracycle I was thinking of starting a dot-com like everyone else I knew. It would be like Amazon but instead of putting little bookstores out of business … Continue reading

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What do diapers and airplanes have in common?

I don’t know. But they both remind me of one of my favorite books. Probably one of the first books any aspiring environmental impact minimizer should buy, read, and read again in a couple of months. It’s called the Consumer’s … Continue reading

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Episode #2 of The Reality Show

Tune in to Mtv either at 7:30 or 10:30 depending on your coast and provider. So check your local listings.

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Options for the Non-T.V. Afflicted

So you want to watch our show but you don’t have a t.v. or you don’t get MTV. What to do? I’d feel bad if we became a force for more people having TVs! But good if you took this … Continue reading

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The Ass Pilot ™

Our New Campaign to Take Over Personal Communications I got tired of losing all my addresses in one fell swoop when my address book disappeared. And I don’t fancy carrying around some gizmo that I could easily lose to keep … Continue reading

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No Bikes in the Yard

Howling Wolf, Cyndra Ninja and I made the trek down to LA yesterday. We came in Millie so we could host guests while we’re down here filming new episodes for the show. Couch surfing for two works, but can get … Continue reading

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Junk Call/Mail Elimination

I got an email saying that in about a month direct marketers are going to be allowed to call your cell phone. Is there no escape? Fortunately, there is. You can enter your phone numbers (land, cell, fax, whatever) into … Continue reading

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The Reality Show Premier

The casting special premiers tonight on MTV. Times vary depending on satellite or cable. 7:30 pacific and 10:30 eastern on satellite or 10:30 eastern and pacific and everywhere else on cable. Repeats 11 times throughout the week. Check your listings … Continue reading

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