Protected: Directions and more, ShrimpFest 2

If you’ve made it here, then either you are a very good password guesser, or you belong at Shrimpfest.

Bike Ride with Fossil Foo
We’ll all be meeting at Xtracycle HQ (Willow Springs) in North San Juan on Friday between noon and 3pm. At 4pm promptly we’ll start heading for the river, with Fossil Fool and his SoulCycle leading the way. Those who wish to meet us along the way can do so at the Mother Truckers parking lot at 4:45p. Those who want to meet at the river at a later time, of course can! But parking will be extremely limited. There will be some sport utility bikes available to borrow for the group ride to the festival.

Directions to Willow Springs:
Take highway 49N from Nevada City 16 miles. Willow Springs is on your right as you come into North San Juan. You’ll see the magic bus and a bunch of white buildings.

Directions to Oak Tree Swimming Hole
At the intersection of Highways 49 and 20 in Nevada City, turn onto 49N (towards Downieville). You’ll quickly come to a light. Turn right onto North Bloomfield Road. At the top of the hill, turn left onto Lake Vera/Purdon. Go several miles to the bridge over the South Yuba River at Purdon Crossing. Don’t cross the bridge. Go straight past it to the parking lot. Take the lower trail by the garbage cans a third of a mile to the fiesta!

Also, you can get to that same bridge from Mother Truckers by going south on Purdon Road (there’s only one way to go on Purdon Road from Mother Truckers, but hey). When it splits in two, take the left dirt road down to the bridge, cross it, and turn left to the parking area.

What to Bring
Food for You
Stuff to Mix in the B3 Soul Blendin’ Fender Blender
A Cup
Camping gear if you plan to stay the night
The Full Intention to Pack out every Piece of non-naturally occuring trash or debris that you bring or encounter
The Full Intention of to only poo in the provided poo can

Full Disclosure:
Parts of this event will be filmed by a television crew. Should you wish to avoid this aspect of the festival, just come after dark. There may be filming during a brief bit of announced filming after dark, coincident with the Fire Girls performance, but other than that no filming after dark.

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  1. Hello There

    Going to be a shrimpy manana. Leaving santa cruz between 12 and 3 friday driving to nevada city. HOpe to swim and dance and then drive back to the East Bay Area Friday night if you would like a ride please call me (831) 345 6935 and let me know leave a number I can call you back at if you get voice mail.

  2. LoRain says:

    .. scampi multo bene..

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