Pleasant Revolution Brings Bicycle Music Festival To Hawaii

On the  horizon, plans are being made to coordinate with the Hawaiian Bicycle League and the local municipal authorities of Oahu to bring a celebration of bike culture to an island choked with cars. We are looking forward to announcing our plans for this December’s bike tour soon!

Current project motivator, Justin Ancheta, who has been visiting his extended family in Oahu for the past 30 years, has been cultivating a relationship with the island’s hills and paths during small scale bike tours in 2012 and 2013. “My vision for this project is that we can influence the choices that people make that will make or break a sustainable future in the Hawaiian Islands.” There are well over a million cars on an island that is only 44 miles across and 30 miles wide. One might hope for there to be a vibrant bike culture on such a small island with such great weather. Instead it takes commuters takes 2 hours to travel only 10 miles on the H1, Hawaii’s busiest interstate. Honolulu is listed #1 in’s “Most Traffic-Jammed Cities in America” 

Read more about Hawaii’s history of all things bicycle here.

What the Bicycle Music Festival is: We focus on identity. We motivate people to become cyclists. The cultural, emotional, social (community building), psychological/ marketing (identity/brand -building work of bicycle advocacy – creating magic. Like music does. We bring the je ne sais quois make biking fun, sexy, social. We motivate people. We associate bicycles with the magic and power of music.

History – Over the last 7 years we’ve created a culture like no other. We are the originators and as an open source idea it’s spread all over the world. Thousands of cyclists.

As an open source idea, the original Bicycle Music Festival has been emulated in cities around the world by autonomous groups of . Bicycle Music Festivals can now be found in: Seattle, Chico, Toronto, Barcelona,

For any cultural movement to be successful, it needs two parts: the concrete/ rational, and the magical/ emotional. In our home city of San Francisco, a group called San Francisco Bicycle Coalition does the important work of the concrete, logical aspects of bicycle advocacy: focusing on political, legal, and educational campaigns. In this respect, the Coalition performs a similar function to that performed by the Hawaii Bicycle League. All of these efforts are critical to increasing ridership and rider-experience in the city.

Currently, the bands on the line-up of this project, who are all co-collaborators in the planning process of this festival, are Oakland based Shake Your Peace, who’s lead member is the co-founder of the San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival, the Justin Ancheta BandHeather Normandale Trio and Diana Gameros.

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Gearing up in the New Year! … Pleasant Revolution 2011 collaborates with Wild and Scenic Film Festival

The gears are turning and they are turning out something very spectacular and innovative for this year’s Pleasant Revolution Tour. We are teaming up with Yuba River Valley’s Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival – which takes it’s name from the celebrated declaration of the Yuba River as a protected wild and scenic river, a status that protects the free-flowing condition and upholds high standards for water quality when established as  a remarkable scenic, recreational, geologic, fish and wildlife, historic, and/or cultural value. Wild & Scenic and SYRCL’s initiatives are to recover California’s wild salmon and to protect and restore the Yuba River.

Bringing the Wild and Scenic Film Festival On Tour with the Pleasant Revolution will serve to broaden the regional platform for local environmental advocacy and allow for teams of like minded people to become more involved and aware of the diversity of environmental projects taking place.  The bike route will stretch from Vancouver to Mexico, much of which is considered Salmon Country – areas of rivers in need of protection to save the remaining population of salmon endangered by the damming and pollution of important water systems.

During the months of May through November we will be hosting from 15 to 20 Bicycle Music and Film Festivals and showing a variety of different environmental films at each stop. Are you one of those people who can’t sit through a movie? Well, you will be the perfect volunteer pedal-powerer for the bike-in movies and pedal-powered film projector we will be premiering.  Maybe Rock the Bike will surprise us with a pedal-powered popcorn maker to go along with those delicious smoothies!! Expect to taste the work of a finely bike-blended smoothie on this year’s tour!

More tour info to come!! Be sure to check out the magic of last year’s Pleasant Revolution 2010 European Tour… and please be in touch if you want to bring the magic to your town.

A documentary by Jonathan Grevsan

Our photo stream..

Cool article about Europe tour posted by one of our sponsors – YUBA bikes

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Welcome Home! Show at Barbes Nov 18th 2010 @ 10 pm

After six months touring Europe by bicycle, The Pleasant Revolution has one last show in New York City. Prepare for pedal powered awesomeness!

Nov 18th 2010 @ 10 pm @ Barbes

376 9th St. (corner of 6th Ave.)

Park Slope, Brooklyn 347 422 0248

10 pm


60 person capacity so arrive early!
plsnt rev
Featuring: The Ginger Ninjas, Amanda Mora Jones, StitchCraft, CelloJoe and The Genie

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Article in Bilbao, Spain newspaper about Pleasant Revolution Bicycle Music Tour

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CelloJoe played in a school in Toulouse, France

Blast from the past. September 2010
CelloJoe played for the kids at a school in Toulouse, France. The gig was hooked up by our road angel in Toulouse, Frederick.

The kids had all kinds of great questions and loved the music. They asked where we sleep, what we eat, and what the bucket on the handlebars was for. (answers: we camp out or stay with friends, a lot of everything, and it’s a bicycle percussion kit.)

Check out the thank you cards they wrote and drew!
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Interview in French from Toulouse

Pleasant Revolution story starts at about 8 minutes. En français…

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Nov 3 2010 – Bicycle Music Festival in Santander, Spain

Evento bicicletero musical con The Pleasant Revolution

El próximo día 3 de Noviembre se acercará a Santander el evento musical-bicicletero The Pleasant Revolution (La banda de música a pedales) dentro de su gira por toda Europa…
Se trata de un paseo por la ciudad en bicicleta, acompañando a diversos grupos musicales que componen esta curiosa banda y que pedaleando, ofrecen un espectáculo festivalero, con sus instrumentos y altavoces para hacer una llamada de atención sobre el deterioro de nuestro planeta y la reivindicación del uso de la bici.
Naturalmente, la masa crítica santanderina, además de su cita mensual, no quiere perderse este evento que estará lleno de color, música y diversión por las calles de la ciudad.
Recuerda: el miércoles día 3 de noviembre, a partir de las 19:00 en los Jardines de Pereda…
Como este mismo jueves tenemos nuestra masa crítica del mes, aprovecharemos para charlar sobre el tema.
Apúntalo en tu agenda, no te olvides de acercarte a disfrutar de este evento único.


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CelloJoe robbed on the beach in Calella, Spain

Well, I was robbed on the beach in Calella, Spain on the the Costa Brava.

I’m now the fourth revolutionary to have their stuff stolen from them. The thief got my ipod, my cell phone, and my camera.

I had them in them in my pants rolled up right next to me. I found my pants fifty feet from me. It was a nice thief because he just took the money out of my wallet and at least they left me with my cards, my wallet (empty of money) and my pants. They didn’t get my computer thankfully or my passport. If I had only kept my valuables in my sleeping bag with me! I feel especially stupid because I told Louis to keep his valuables in his sleeping bag when his passport and money were stolen. I feel like I’ve lost some trust in humanity and I’m pretty upset, but mostly I’m upset with myself for not being more street-wise or beach-wise as the case may be.

I feel pretty unlucky because Thomas had his iPhone right on his handlebars and they didn’t get that.

At least I made someone’s day today. And I have a few less things to carry around. Lightening the load is a good thing I guess.


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Bicycle Music Festival in Barcelona

Pleasant Revolution rides into Barcelona to celebrate Bicycle Music Festival Mayhem with special guests from San Francisco, Fossil Fool and Justin Ancheta!! Bicycle Music Fest will be a part of the 350 Barcelona, and “10:10:10 – Un Da para Cambiar”  celebrations taking place this weekend and



10:10 Lanzamiento de la campaña 10:10
10:30 Batukats de l’ala
11.00 Pleasant Revolution
11.40 Erik Goransson
12.15 Residual Gurus
13.00 Colectivo Artcatraz
14:00 “En bici en vivo” – viaje a la próxima localización


14:30 Batucada Sambandreu
15:00  Solrise
15:45 Amanda Mora
16:15 Shinga
16:30 Batucada Sambandreu

“En bici en vivo” – viaje al centro


15: 30 Anthroposinergia e invitados
17: 30 Batucada Brincadeira
17: 50 Presentaciones de proyectos locales
18: 15 Cello Joe
18: 45 Up with the mess
19: 30 StitchCraft
20:00 Ray Callao
20:30 Ginger Ninjas
21:30 The Genie

“En bici en vivo” – viaje hacia fiesta final


Entre cada actuación se dejará un espacio de “open mic” (micrófono abierto)
para que asociaciones, emprendedores, artistas expliquen en 2 minutos qué
proyecto o idea está llevando a cabo para afrontar el cambio climático.

Between each act there will be a space for “open mic” for associations, businesses, or artists to explain in 2 minutes their idea for confronting climate change.


See the video of Justin and Paul making their way here

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Revolutionizing the Pyrenees!

We’ve recently accomplished something that I had a hard time imagining only a few short weeks ago: we’ve ridden over the Pyrenees from Toulouse, France into the Catalan area of Spain, heading for Girona and then Barcelona.

You can see our route on Google Maps.  The downhill from La Molina to Castellar de n’Hug was EPIC!

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